What To Do If Your Xiaomi Crashes With An Mi Account?

What To Do If Your Xiaomi Crashes With An Mi Account?

One of the features of MIUI, the personalization layer of the Xiaomi mobile brand that runs on Android, is that it asks you to register an account. The MI account is personal and non-transferable and is one of the most important security elements in your Xiaomi smartphone since no one can unlock it except you, not even a mobile repair service. 

That is why once you create this account it is essential that you memorize the password or have it written down somewhere, since you may have a problem if you lose it. However, many users have found the unpleasant surprise that after accepting a recent update via OTA to have the latest version of MIUI, v8, they have found that the phone asked them for the password of their MI account. When I entered it, I told them that it was incorrect, with which the smartphone remained blocked. 

While MIUI is a very stable system with a large team of developers behind, sometimes when they launch automatic updates, small failures or bugs that generate problems in the mobile. That is why it is advisable not to update immediately, but to wait a reasonable time so that the company can solve those possible problems that present the updates at the beginning. 

If your Xiaomi phone has been blocked with an IM account, giving you an error when trying to enter the password, here is what you should do: 

Write 4 zeros (0000) in the place where you ask for the key. Then it will tell you that the password is incorrect but you must do it repeatedly. You can get up to ten attempts before the mobile ends by restarting on its own. Once it has been rebooted you will have access to the desktop of the mobile and use it normally without asking for the password of the MI account. 

Remember that this problem is not from your phone, but from Xiaomi, and it will not do you any good to process the guarantee. Put into practice the solution that we propose and next time remember not to immediately accept the update, since you can have the same problem again.