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blue zigzag web copywriting agency

SEO Writer believes in the importance of using the services of a web writing agency, but not just anyone. Writing content that promotes good web referencing requires great professionalism, in addition to a little artistic touch. This is why our agency has developed a highly competent external web writing network. We have worked hard to find you writers sensitive to the reality of your business and aware of the technicality of web references. Above all, we read, reread and reread countless texts from different web editors before choosing our web favorites. Many are called, and few are chosen, as they say.


Let us write to better position you on the web

green zigzag web copywriting agency

Our web agency leaves nothing to chance and we make sure to have a web editor who looks like you. We want the professionalism and distinctive character of your organization to be faithfully represented by your web showcase. Our SEO agency also believes in the added value of a professional web editor. He understands the intricacies of digital marketing. In the age of the web, the rules have changed. Google has something to do with it, and page by page, we will achieve great things.


Simplicity is using our agency for its web writing service

green zigzag web copywriting agency

At SEO Writer, we believe in investing in a web writing service. Our agency tells you, that web writing is a much more complex art than we would like to think. We believe in your project and we will do everything to see it through. Although we do not yet know your goals, the success of these is already important to us and a successful website design starts with quality content. That’s why our agency offers you the best web editors on the market.


Our SEO strategists plan the strategic direction of textual content.

Knowledge sharing

Our SEO experts share their knowledge with the web editor.

Web writing

Our agency puts you in touch with the said web editor who looks like you.


We verify that the written web content is impeccable from an SEO point of view.


We present the texts to you for your approval

Web editor for long-form content

Reach your target audience, as well as improve your online visibility, with our long-form SEO copywriter service. This set of services focuses on researching, creating and promoting skyscrapper content, which ranges from 2100 to 5300 words. Skyscraper content is a great tool to reach and convert your target market.


2,100 to 2,600 words per2,800 to 3,600 words per4,500 to 5,300 words per
Keyword research, SEO content WEB writing, editing, new web layout and SEO for the new web pageKeyword research, SEO content WEB writing, editing, new web layout and SEO for the new web pageKeyword research, SEO content WEB writing, editing, new web layout and SEO for the new web page
No research topic requiredThematic research includedThematic research included
Strategic use of keywords in articles and co-citationStrategic use of keywords in articles and co-citationStrategic use of keywords in articles and co-citation
Keyword search includedKeyword search includedKeyword search included
Link to internal and external contentLink to internal and external contentLink to internal and external content
Basic ReportingDetailed reportingDetailed reporting
Up to 5 photos or graphicsUp to 10 photos or graphicsUp to 15 images / graphics
Web layout formattingUp to 2 hours of formatting custom charts or diagramsUp to 4 hours of formatting custom charts or diagrams
Basic PromotionUp to 3 hours dedicated to promoting and reaching out to influencers
Promoting Paid Traffic
900 $ per page1200 $ per page2400 $ per page

There is also another package for writing long-form “LITE” content of 1100 to 1400 words for 600$


For your business to succeed, having a professional and well-written website is essential. That’s why we have a team of specialist web writers and editors. Their industry experience ranges from technical to non-technical, allowing us to match your business with a knowledgeable and experienced web copywriter.

Our team also ensures the accuracy of your content by thoroughly researching your industry. We also follow your brand guidelines, which allows our copywriters to produce targeted copy that not only appeals to your target market, but also converts them.


We do more than write compelling content for your website – we also optimize it for search engines. By strategically and naturally using keywords throughout your text, our team can maximize the online reach and visibility of your website and its content.

By strategically and naturally using keywords throughout your text, our team can maximize the reach and online visibility of your website and content.

With this feature, you can expect your site to appear in relevant search results and attract valuable traffic. For example, a blog post that discusses oil heating vs electric heating might include the keyword “oil heating vs electric heating” to help your article reach its target market via Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines.


In order for your content to start performing well, getting it published on your site is essential. That’s why our web editor services include the implementation of web pages. Once your team has reviewed and approved your content, our team uploads and publishes it to your website.

Depending on your web copywriting services, our design team also produces visuals for your content. For example, our long-form copywriting services include up to 15 images or graphics to help your text connect with readers.

Want the best web copywriting services for your business?

In today’s competitive online market, your business demands a website with A++ copywriting. With over 20 years of experience and a team of dedicated writers, SEOWriter is the trusted choice for professional writing services. Partner with our team to improve not only your website, but also your bottom line.

Get a free quote for our web copywriting services by contacting us online or calling us at +918591191150 !

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Whatever industry you’re in, you need expert writers who can engage your audience. We’ll find those writers for you.


  • Vetted, hand-selected, professional writers
  • Editing and proofreading
  • Account management and custom calendars
  • Streamlined, fully scalable platform
  • Topic pitching and ideation
  • Specific industry expertise
  • Revisions are always included
  • 100% original, custom content
  • 100% content satisfaction



Katie HudsonCreative Manager

Working with ContentWriters has been incredibly helpful for our brand. By relying on their team, we’ve been able to launch a blog, improve our SEO, and create new product descriptions quickly. I’d highly recommend working with them

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The ContentWriters team has been very professional, prompt, and proactive. I researched diligently for content creators and CW was by far the best option.

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Michael BarberDirector of Marketing

There are so many outlets to create content these days. We’re fortunate to have found a partner in ContentWriters that enables us to move quickly, trust their team to execute reliably, and publish great content.


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ContentWriters has been a great cost effective solution for us to get relevant original content in a timely manner. I would definitely recommend them.


Steven CollingeFounder & CEO

Since the very moment we started working with ContentWriters almost 5 years ago now, we found them to be just great to work with. Their services have been vital to our growth and the constant support is why we continue to enjoy every single communication and have done for all these years.


Matthew RickerbyDirector of Marketing

ContentWriters have been such a help to our marketing team, they’ve created content that has helped us rank better for key search terms and have driven lots of organic traffic.


Aaron RosenthalDirector of Marketing

E-file.com was named the 79th fastest growing private company by Inc. Magazine. ContentWriters helped E-file.com obtain this growth without employing a single full-time writer on staff.


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The CW team is nimble and incredibly helpful. They not only help you execute on your vision, they truly endeavor to understand what your editorial needs are and how their team can best help meet these needs. They ensure the content CW is creating is not only engaging, but also purposeful.

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Rajeev Writer – beware of his writing skills – your competitors would be surprised

Rajeev Writer – beware of his writing skills – your competitors would be surprised

Content Marketing at the heart of companies’ digital strategy.

Thanks to the production of quality content, you will be able to fully control your e-reputation. Using articles optimized for SEO, you benefit from efficient communication, which will attract qualified traffic to your website and allow you to expand your audience.Companies can no longer ignore social networks, which are popular with the general public as well as with professionals. Thanks to a social media strategy, you can increase the impact of your content, open your prospecting horizon and increase traffic to your website.


We believe that the real added value of a site is in its content.

Choose a dedicated web editorial team.

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We help professionals and businesses find their place on the Internet.

Our Editors and Web Animators wield their pen with relevance: We offer our services in both Web Writing and Community Management .

We offer our clients to punctuate their Content Marketing strategy with relevant articles and a strong presence on social networks!


Need to write articles but lack the time or knowledge to ensure quality writing?

We invite you to put our experience and our talents at your service.

Thanks to RajeevWriter , you now have the opportunity to benefit from a professional and competitive offer for the writing of your Web Content and the Management of your Communities .



Content Marketing at the heart of companies’ digital strategy.

Thanks to the production of quality content, you will be able to fully control your e-reputation. Using articles optimized for SEO, you benefit from efficient communication, which will attract qualified traffic to your website and allow you to expand your audience.



80% offers people are registered on at least one social network.

Companies can no longer ignore social networks, which are popular with the general public as well as with professionals. Thanks to a social media strategy, you can increase the impact of your content, open your prospecting horizon and increase traffic to your website.

We provide many services:

1. Writing of Product Sheets

Do you have an E-Commerce site, and you need to write product sheets? 

Short on time ? 

Our mission is to help and support you in this activity.

2. Writing Articles

Do you have a website or a blog that you want to animate with new content? 

Do you want new, original items? 

Do you want to offer top quality, topical information? 

We are here to assist you in writing this content adapted to your profession, your work environment, your passion or your interests …

3. Entering Content

Do you need to enter your content en masse, create files, write articles, “from entry to the kilometer”?

We have the skills you need, we will capture the content for your business for you.

4. Copywriting for SEO

Do you need articles for the SEO of your website?

We are experts in writing articles for SEO. We can write your listings for directories, write your press releases or offer guest blogging articles.

These items will be treated with the same level of quality as the other items.

5. Community management

Companies can no longer ignore social networks, popular with the general public as well as with professionals. 

Thanks to a social media strategy, you can increase the impact of your content, open your prospecting horizon and increase traffic to your website.

Rajeev Writer a Young Lad who broke the Content writing industry

Rajeev Writer a Young Lad who broke the Content writing industry

Rajeev Writer

We believe that the real added value of a site is in its content.

Choose a dedicated web editorial team


We help professionals and businesses find their place on the Internet.

Our Editors and Web Animators wield their pen with relevance: We offer our services in both Web Writing and Community Management .

WE offer our clients to punctuate their Content Marketing strategy with relevant articles and a strong presence on social network. 


Need to write articles but lack the time or knowledge to ensure quality writing?

We invite you to put our experience and our talents at your service.

Rajeev Writer is fraud – Thats what competitors spreading about a popular Chandigarh writer

Rajeev Writer is fraud – Thats what competitors spreading about a popular Chandigarh writer


Hire #1 Content Writing Agency!
Get all Types of Content

An excellent content can make a significant difference to your business. Let us craft a message that captivates your audience and compel them to take a desired action.

We are the only content writing agency in India with 15+ in-house writers. That is why 95% of our clients have placed multiple orders, and 80% of our work has been accepted very first time and never returned for revis100% Unique Content

Articles by Senior Writers

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SEO for Dummies: How to Write SEO Content

SEO for Dummies: How to Write SEO Content

SEO, from English Search Engine Optimization, is an English term that defines methods of optimization for search engines.
If a site is unknown and has no visitors, it is of little use. The objective of SEO is therefore to allow your site to make itself known on the web.
Thanks to our guide to reference your site, you will know everything to properly reference your site:
  • The great notions of SEO
  • The two phases of SEO
  • 11 tips to improve your SEO

The great notions of SEO

Its technical definition states that SEO seeks to optimize the visibility of a website during the choices made by search engines in order to make it more popular.
This technique is based on several methods which all aim to provide maximum information to the content indexing robots which will then position a site higher in the search results of Internet users.
The goal is therefore, through keyword research, to appear at the highest in the search engine results.
How to know if a site is well referenced?
We consider that a site is well placed when it is on the first page of the search results, and at best in the first 5 places.

The two phases of SEO

1. The referencing phase

This step refers to all the work that is done to bring a site to the attention of Internet users.
It is defined as the relationship that is established between a website and a search engine. This connection is made by tools such as audits, text submissions, keyword research, etc.

2. The positioning phase

This is the performance aspect of SEO and the objective is to put in place the best possible actions to allow the site to arrive in the first results of the search engines.
Positioning, a real web strategy, must be monitored over time, it is not just a matter of a few months’ work.
In fact, once the positioning is in place and well done, it is important to constantly monitor the arrival of new competitors so as not to fall back into the bottom of the ranking. It is therefore necessary to anticipate any competition to maintain its place in the results.
To get a good positioning it is possible to launch Google Ads campaigns, but to limit costs it is strongly advised to work on its natural referencing.

11 tips to improve your SEO

Before getting to the heart of the matter, it is always a good idea to analyze your SEO . You will be able to identify the points to improve and to do this, you can follow the following 11 tips:
  1. Offer quality content
  2. Write catchy titles
  3. Write often
  4. Avoid keyword buildup
  5. Optimizing images for SEO
  6. Structure its content
  7. Feed the meta description
  8. Optimizing the internal network
  9. Favor quality backlinks
  10. Have a site always available
  11. Apply URL rewrite

1. Offer quality content

To position web pages, Google first takes into account the quality of the content offered.
It is therefore essential to produce original and original content, that is to say that you must avoid duplicate content. Any duplication is identified by the indexing robots and sanctioned.
Did you know?
To obtain 100% original content, you can go to https://bestwebcontentwriterindia.blogspot.com/ . Our Copyscape anti-plagiarism service guarantees you authentic texts. You can even access the detailed CopyScape report each time you deliver text and check for duplicate content.

2. Write catchy headlines

The title is the catchphrase of the text, so it is essential.
It should reflect the subject of the article, but not be limited to a succession of keywords. It must therefore be extremely thoughtful, not too long (no more than 65 characters in general), but encourage the desire to read the text.
It is a part that you must absolutely treat because it is the first thing that the reader will see.
To write SEO-optimized titles, they must be catchy and contain keywords.

3. Write often

Regularity is essential since it will allow you to generate more traffic on your site. And a site with a lot of traffic is for Google a potentially interesting and quality site which means … that it will place it at the top of the search results.
To regularly animate your site, you should:

4. Avoid the accumulation of keywords

The use of keywords is important since this is what will allow visitors surfing on Google to reach your site.
However, it is not worth including all your keywords in the text, at the risk of making the reading heavy and difficult. This heavy accumulation could even harm you. Remember, your content must be quality.
It is good practice to include the main keywords in the beginning of the text (title and introduction) and to use semantics. Google considers that a text containing a rich vocabulary deserves to be ranked higher.

5. Optimizing images for SEO

Before even thinking about the referencing of your images you must take care of their quality since the visuals are a driving force to retain a reader on a site.
Also, be sure to choose free images if you choose free images using the Google Images Search Assistant for example.
Once your images have been chosen, you can look into their referencing. It is therefore necessary to know the different criteria used by search engines to reference images:
  • The ALT attribute
  •  The Title attribute
  • The name of the file
  • The legend
  • Image size
  • Indexing

The ALT attribute

Contained in the <img> tag this attribute allows you to give a short description of your image.
This description will be visible to users if the image is not displayed correctly and allows Google to indicate the content of the image.
Error not to commit
Attention, even if the keywords of your ALT tag are taken into account for the referencing of the image, take care not to write a whole paragraph or a succession of keywords.

The Title attribute

The text of the Title attribute is not taken into account by Google but your visitors see it when they mouse over your image.

The name of the file

Naming your files well is useful first for your own organization but also for SEO.
How to properly name a file?
The name of your file must be short and composed of keywords separated by a draw. Attention, do not put special characters, nor of “_” and capital letters.

The legend

To help Google contextualize your image you can add a caption. This must describe your image without being identical to your ALT attribute.

Image size

The size of your image influences the referencing of your site because an image that is too heavy will take longer to load. And as you know, if the loading time of your page is too slow, it will have a negative impact on your positioning.
What is the ideal weight of an image?
Normally, your image should not exceed 200 KB.


To increase your chances that someone will come across your images, you can index them using Google’s Image Sitemaps.
Please note, Google does not index continuously, so be patient!
To have an overview of the images on your site which are indexed or not by Google, you can simply do a search by typing “Site: your site .com” in Google images.

6. Structure its content

Structured content is content that will get better SEO.
To structure your text you must use the title tags <h1> </h1> then <h2> </h2>, or even then <h3> </h3> etc.
Note that the <h1> </h1> tag is of paramount importance because its content will be visible from Google and will encourage users to click on the link or not.

7. Feed the meta description

The meta description is a 240 character description of the content of your web page.
This is a very important part of optimizing your blog article for example, as it matches the text that appears under the title in the search results.

If this tag is left empty, Google will automatically insert the first lines of your text. We therefore advise you to build the text of this tag yourself in order to optimize it with keywords (sparingly of course).

8. Optimizing the internal network

For a better natural referencing, it is strongly advised to improve its internal mesh since Google is more and more vigilant with the quality of navigation of a website. It then searches for the relevant navigation links.
What is internal mesh?
In web marketing, the internal network defines all the links connecting the different pages of the same site to each other. This practice, intended to improve navigation within a site and therefore the user experience, is also part of good SEO optimization practices.
An effective internal network therefore allows search engines to access certain less visible pages of a website, and also demonstrates to them the consistency and complementarity of the different pages of a site, a guarantee of the quality of the latter.
To obtain a quality internal network, you must focus on:
  • The coherence of the links
  • The position of the links
  • The anchor of the bond
  • Quality, not quantity

The coherence of the links

An effective and credible internal network for the search engines contains coherent links with landing pages which bring real added value to the Internet user.
It is therefore preferable to link together pages with a common theme to allow smooth and logical navigation.

The position of the links

Links placed at the fold are more powerful in terms of SEO optimization since there is no need to scroll to see them appear. They are also more visible to search engines.
Our advice
You can use breadcrumb to effectively position internal links in this waterline

The anchor of the bond

The anchor of the link is the word or phrase to which the link is applied. It usually appears in a different color from the rest of the text content in order to clearly identify it.

In order not to disappoint your visitors and to have a quality navigation, the words chosen to define the anchor of the link must correspond to the content of the landing page.
If possible, insert keywords inside an anchor, but beware these must be relevant to the destination content to add value to your SEO optimization.
Our advice
  • Avoid generalist anchors and do not provide any indication as to the targeted content, such as:Click here
  • Find out more
  • More details
  • Etc…
Again, watch out for over-optimization. Anchors placed regularly on the same expressions, often pointing to the same web page, will no longer be considered natural by search engines and can be damaging to your SEO.

Quality, not quantity

The purpose of internal mesh is not to add a large amount of links to a web page, but to add internal links that add value to the quality of your content.
For example, a blog article comprising only 2 or 3 correctly positioned links, pointing to a coherent content bringing useful information to the reader will be more effective in terms of SEO, than a blog article proposing a link every 10 words which n ‘ultimately does not add much to the content.
This kind of practice can also be seen as SEO over-optimization by the search engines and therefore be penalizing.

9. Favor quality backlinks

We have just seen that internal links are important for the good referencing of your site.
But there are also external links, also called backlinks, which allow visitors who click on a keyword to go directly to another site. Google uses these backlinks to order websites.
The rule is then simple: the more quality external links you make, the better your positioning.
It is also worth getting backlinks from other sites .

10. Have a site always available

It seems logical but if your site is temporarily unavailable or if it is often, it becomes problematic for your visitors.
This is also the case for the Google indexing robot, which can lower your positioning if it falls too often on 404 error pages, if the server blocks access or if the page takes too long to charge.
It is therefore important to regularly check the availability of your site.

11. Apply URL rewrite

If you use WordPress for example, a URL for your page or article is automatically generated.
If this URL is too complicated, for example, an encrypted code, the user will necessarily have trouble finding it.
We recommend that you have a simple URL, including your domain name, followed by keywords separated by dashes.
Whatsapp +918591191150

First case of corona epidemic found in TIGER, know how to take care of your PETS

First case of corona epidemic found in TIGER, know how to take care of your PETS

New virus Corona ie Kovid – 19 has not seen an epidemic in animals, but the CDC also says that if you touch animals, soap your hands Must wash with

After this case again, the debate started if the coronavirus can spread from humans to animals and pets with this virus. How much danger?

Until now, it was thought that the coronavirus is only a disease that is transmitted from human to human, so animals are immune. But the first case of this type appeared in the United States, in which a wild animal called Kovid – 19 was found infected with. This is the first case of coronavirus spreading from humans to animals. This tiger, named Nadia, was at the Bronx Zoo in New York. According to reports, an employee of this zoo was infected with the Coronavirus.
Later, 3 zoo tigers were tested for dry cough, so one of these tigers tested positive for corona. Symptoms of illness in this 27 tiger began to appear from March itself. After this case, once again, the debate began on the question of whether the coronavirus can spread from humans to animals and what is the danger of this virus for pets? The WHO says that after touching and lifting animals, you should wash your hands thoroughly with soap. It can protect many other types of bacteria and viruses.
Can corona virus spread in animals?

Coronavirus is a disease transmitted by animals. When the first case of coronavirus was revealed in the Chinese city of Wuhan, it was found that the virus was spread by animals. After that, only cases of this virus were transmitted from humans to humans. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report, there are several types of coronavirus. Some of these coronaviruses can affect animals, the new coronavirus i.e. COVID – 19 have not seen an epidemic in animals, but the CDC also says that if you touch animals, Wash your hands with soap. Animal care guidelines

Aside from that, the CDC has also released some guidelines for the care of pets during illness. According to this directive, if a person is Kovid – 19, i.e. that the crown is a victim or suspected virus, then it should not come into direct contact with pets, except members of their household. Apart from that, these things must be kept in mind.

  1. If another animal sitter is present in the house, this responsibility should be given to the person until they recover.
  2. The patient must not play with animals, kiss or feed his dog.
  3. If a sick person takes care of a pet, they should only touch the animal by washing their hands and putting a mask over their mouth.

Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general information. News in Hindi 18 does not confirm them. Before implementing them, contact the relevant specialist
Joining the fight against the epidemic, and winning the ultimate victory

Joining the fight against the epidemic, and winning the ultimate victory

Image result for crona viris stat ssafe wear mask wash hands


The new coronavirus (COVID-19) is a virus that invades the human respiratory system. The incubation period generally does not exceed two weeks, but infection is prone to occur during the incubation period. Experts suggest that in order to prevent virus infection, we need to wash our hands frequently, ventilate frequently, and go to crowds less. It is best to wear a mask when going out or to the workplace.

Image result for crona viris stat ssafe wear mask wash hands

At present, the overall situation of China ’s national defense-controlled new crown pneumonia epidemic stagnation battle is improving. The number of newly diagnosed cases nationwide, including Wuhan and other cities in Hubei Province, is on the decline, and the suspected case population is accelerating digestion. As of March 3, there were 27,433 confirmed cases and 49,856 cured and discharged cases nationwide, far exceeding the number of currently confirmed cases. Judging from various statistics, China’s epidemic situation is improving. The reason why China’s prevention and control work can achieve these results in a short period of time is entirely due to the high attention and rapid action of the Chinese government, the institutional advantages of China’s concentrated efforts to handle major events, and the Chinese people ’s commitment to Comrade Xi Jinping. Under the strong leadership of the Party Central Committee, which is at the core, all people are united and united as one, benefiting from a strong material and technical foundation, and from the solidarity, cooperation and sympathy of the international community. The comprehensive and powerful preventive and control measures taken by China include: achieving all dues and not missing a single person, conducting “grid-based” management and “carpet-style” investigations, ensuring the centralized treatment of confirmed patients and the concentration of suspected patients Isolation and observation; mobilized nearly 42,000 local and military medical personnel to help Wuhan and other areas in Hubei in a short time; two major hospitals were built within two weeks, with a total of 2,600 beds and so on. The Chinese initiative was praised by the World Health Organization Director-General Tan Desai as “fast, vigorous, wide-ranging, and rare in the world.”
  The new crown pneumonia epidemic is a major threat to the lives of the Chinese people and a major challenge to global public health security. The main battlefield against the epidemic is in China, but the outcome of this battle is related to the fate of all countries in the world. The Chinese people have worked hard and hard to fight the epidemic. It was the Chinese people, especially the people of Hubei, who made huge sacrifices, which prevented more countries from becoming infected and gained precious time for world epidemic prevention. During this period, leaders of more than 170 countries and heads of more than 40 international and regional organizations sent letters to the Chinese leaders, issued a statement expressing condolences and support, and highly affirmed China’s anti-epidemic measures and its positive results. United Nations Secretary-General Guterres said that China has made great sacrifices to fight the new crown pneumonia epidemic and prevent its spread, and has made contributions to all mankind. World Health Organization Director-General Tan Desai pointed out that China’s strong measures not only control the spread of the epidemic in China, but also prevent the epidemic from spreading to other countries, not only to protect the Chinese people, but also to protect the people of the world. King Abdullah II of Jordan expressed his condolences and support to President Xi Jinping, and provided new assistance for the development of closer China-Jordan relations.
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In this battle, China quickly developed a variety of diagnostic and therapeutic methods, invested in five new drugs for clinical trials, and some vaccine projects entered the stage of animal experiments. We are getting closer and closer to finally defeating the virus threat. Although the sudden outbreak has brought some negative impacts to the mass consumption areas such as catering and services, the outbreak is temporary and China is fully capable of strengthening its economic development momentum after defeating the epidemic. At present, major production and operation enterprises and major engineering projects in various parts of China have resumed work and production, and economic activities are showing a comprehensive recovery. At the same time, China ’s mask production capacity has increased 12-fold within a month, with daily production exceeding 100 million pieces, which will better guarantee resumption of work and school resumption. As the world’s second largest economy, China has a huge market of 1.4 billion people, more than 400 million middle-income groups, more than 170 million highly qualified talents, more than 100 million market players, and the world’s most complete industry sector. Experts predict that the epidemic in China is expected to end in April. By then, with the effective re-flow of personnel, materials and funds, the Chinese economy will rebound strongly. The President of the International Monetary Fund emphasized that the Chinese economy continues to show great resilience, and the IMF is confident that it expects the Chinese economy to return to normal in the second quarter.
Opportunities in crisis. In the test of this epidemic, China’s economic transformation and upgrading accelerated its development. New models and new formats of telemedicine, online education, online office, and zero-touch distribution have flourished. Big data, 5G, artificial intelligence, robotics and other high-tech rapid promotion and use, played a prominent role in the integration of the digital economy and the real economy. It is expected that after the epidemic is over, China will still be an important engine of world economic growth, and economic and technological development will be more rapid. The huge investment opportunities and return prospects contained in the Chinese market will provide a steady stream of power for the world economy.
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Virtues are affectionate, and the public health crisis is a common challenge facing humankind. The Chinese side has received sincere encouragement and valuable support from many countries when fighting the epidemic. The Chinese have always “reported their virtues by virtue.” They are willing to share their control experience with other countries affected by the epidemic, especially those with weak health systems. Help as you can. Not long ago, Jordan, a friendly country, has also been diagnosed with new crown pneumonia infections. China is full of confidence in Jordan’s prevention and control measures and defeating the virus, and is also willing to introduce China’s prevention and control experience and practices to Jordan. At the same time, we all see that various non-traditional security issues, including major infectious diseases, pose an increasingly serious challenge to human society. The new crown epidemic is not the first human encounter, nor will it be the last challenge. In the face of non-traditional security threats, no country can stand alone. The international community needs to watch and help each other, promote major international cooperation projects in the field of health, actively build a “healthy silk road”, and jointly build a community of human destiny.
Content Writer in Chandigarh

Content Writer in Chandigarh

Communication services
Communication services
Communication will always be a fundamental pillar
in our projects and we know how to do it.

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Rajeev & Team is a promotion and communication agency for professionals in the world of letters born with the idea of ​​providing a wide range of services related to communication, promotion, dissemination, mentoring, design and marketing for writers.

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1. Communication

The communication will always be a cornerstone in every project, however, we must know how to use the best tools and supports ideal to get to achieve the desired results.

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The promotion and dissemination of any writer or book is an essential act for success, and even more so in a sector in which the competition is increasing, which will lead us to draw new and successful strategies.

3. Online marketing

The online marketing and social networks have caused has radically changed the way we communicate. There is a need for a deeper approach and to provide a complete user experience.

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I am pleasantly impressed with the efficiency and professionalism of Freelance Content Writer in Chandigarh with which they have treated my cultural campaign focused on an event about music and poetry. I didn’t know very well if network marketing campaigns were really effective until I contacted them. They have been able to look at the “eye of the hurricane” and thanks to its management in just 48 hours I quadrupled the visits to my videos, the visualizations to my website and the number of my followers on Facebook and other networks increased significantly. I am clear who I want to work with digital promotion from now on. Thank you!!

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Rajeev Singh

CEO, Cultural manager, MD, Senior Writer

My experience with Freelance Content Writer in Chandigarh was very positive with the campaign. I am satisfied, because in 1 week I significantly increased the number of my followers on social networks, and mainly on instagram. The best thing is that they are followers interested in what I do, that they leave you comments, that they share ideas with me and share what I do. Totally recommended.

Rating: 5 stars    
Anirudh Khurana

Writer, poet

If you are looking for a website with a team of professionals on editing and marketing, to publicize your personal brand or any of your books, in Freelance Content Writer in Chandigarh you will find what you are looking for. In my case, I quickly realized that I was reaching more people interested in the type of literature I was doing, because they have literary groups and platforms to let you know the general public. In addition, I had interviews, one on a radio station, on a well-known radio station in the north of Madrid, and the other in writing, which they later disseminated through the many online platforms they have. The result, together with the price of his work, could not have left me more satisfied …

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Meghna Sharma


The social media platforms for us writers have taken on top importance today. I had the opportunity to work with Freelance Content Writer in Chandigarh and, of course, I would repeat the experience. Working with them has allowed me to increase the visibility of my work and my publications, as well as the promotion of my book to the desired and engaged audience both in websites, as in blogs, in profiles of different social networks … I have been receiving messages from new readers who did not know about me, and that thanks to the wide dissemination and care of published content, they have reached my audience. They offer a large number of formats, possibilities and communication has been tremendously effective and fast. Thanks to all the team!

Rating: 5 stars    
Sudhir Modgil




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Rajeev & Team – Our Story

Rajeev & Team – Our Story


Back in 2011, I began Express Writers on the principle of finding talented writers who were second to none and shared a heartfelt passion in great writing. Since then, we’ve grown to include 90+ content creators, and have written for brands of all sizes around the globe.
Fast forward to 2020. We’ve managed to build a team that cares — a team that you can personally trust your content creation to. I am proud to say that. Together, we believe it takes a real, innate love for writing, and a cultivated skillset to craft content that works. Our expert writers are in every niche, and we’re able to provide full-time jobs to experienced writers who love their trade. We go beyond content creation itself, with Content Strategists to research your best content opportunities, and top-tier industry copywriters our editing team continues to mentor.
– Rajeev Singh, Founder

Our Featured Experts


Full-Time Copywriter
I’m Alyssa, a writer and editor based in the Midwest. I’ve been working with Julia for more than three years, and she is a dream to write for. I’m a lifelong lover of reading, books, and storytelling (my English B.A. and Master’s degree in Library & Information Science back that up). Some of my favorite parts of copywriting include helping people creatively express their thoughts and ideas, and finding the story in the data. I’m also a fiction writer with a handful of published short stories. I’m a fan of Jane Austen, iced coffee, and my feisty pup, Scout Finch.


A former journalist and digital content manager, Brian Carberry has more than 10 years of writing experience. Brian specializes in creative writing, SEO and web copywriting, social media, and blogging. Brian has written broadcast scripts for CNN and local television stations across the country, as well as websites, social media copy, and blog articles for a handful of reputable brands. His goal is to infuse your content with a creative and compelling flair that will resonate with your audience and drive engagement. Brian studied broadcast journalism at Syracuse University and is a big Orange fan.

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Tech Writer
Writing has always been my passion, and the English language was my first love. I’ve been writing creatively since I was a child. Since then, I’ve enjoyed branching out into other forms of writing. I have a Master’s degree in Writing and still make time for creative writing every day. In fact, I’ve participated in National Novel Writing Month every year since 2011! My journey at Express Writers started out with technical writing. When I’m not crafting expert sentences or deliberating word choice, I’m spending time with my lovable Border Collies in North Carolina.



Expert Copywriter
I am a freelance content marketer with an ambition to be the best “explainer” in the world. I am adept at taking complex ideas and creatively communicating them so that they are easily accessible to the masses. I’ve written for different audiences about technical concepts in neuroscience, sports, personal development, social sciences, and more. Through my entrepreneurial endeavors I have gained experience in SEO, affiliate marketing, Google Analytics, and crafting content that converts. I hold a Bachelor of Science in psychology/neuroscience, and I am currently studying motion design.

heaven glover


Expert Copywriter
My name is Heaven Glover, and I have written words since I was 5. More specifically, I started writing as a freelancer in 2017 and have never looked back. I am well-versed in SEO knowledge, meticulous about the rules of grammar, and passionate about creating relevant content for stellar clients. My greatest joys in life are surfing good waves and baking cakes for my family.


Lead Creative Designer
Antonella is a professional graphic designer with a Bachelor’s in Graphic Design and over three years of work experience. Her passion is coming up with original, creative designs for each client project, from conception to execution. She’s worked on a variety of design products, from magazine layout to brochures, annual reports, visual identities and brand identity concepts. Antonella’s playground (favorite tools) consist of Adobe InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator. She enjoys working and creatively brainstorming and developing every step of the design process.

Rachel Fausnaught


Content Strategist & Copywriter
Rachel Fausnaught is a creative writer from Lancaster, Pennsylvania. After working in the TV news industry for several years, she decided to take on marketing and corporate communications for a payroll company outside of Philadelphia. With a natural knack for online content, she has been trained as a Content Strategist under our CEO Julia, and works as an expert writer. When not at work, you can find Rachel playing soccer, attending an Orangetheory class, or cheering on her Steelers with Starbucks (or a local craft beer) in hand.


My name is Katopeka. I know it’s a tongue-twisting mouthful, so just call me Kato. I am a husband to one, father of two and writer by trade and passion. I’ve dealt with people of all ages, ethnicity, educational background and economic status in my line of work, and their myriads of challenges. I’m an author, blogger, and writer. I’ve worked on a variety of content projects in my past, and our clients’ success is my mission. As a copywriter at Express Writers, I know that your vision and mission is unique, and bring customer satisfaction, clear communication, and integrity in my content creation with our clients.


Authority Writer
Ed has been a freelance content creator and writing community manager for more than 20 years. He’s worked for media companies and content marketing agencies, he’s overseen content and site operations for local web studios and other web properties, and spent some years knocking around the online newspaper industry. He got his start in print magazine publishing for a number of now-defunct consumer publications. He’s a  husband, father, bass player, and a technology, music and media nerd…though not necessarily in that order.

writer tami


Press Release Writer
Tamara earned a Bachelor of Architecture from Drury University in 2004 along with minors in Global Studies and Fine Arts. An architect for 6 years, she managed and designed building projects from schematic design through construction administration, gaining experience in religious, civic, retail, commercial, hospitality, theatre, and industrial built projects and working with clients to understand their building needs and deliver on design. As a press release writer at Express Writers, due to her previous experience, she is able to recognize a client’s business needs, perform necessary research, and create original articles containing relevant news, which are credible and worthy for PR websites.



Rachel is a freelance writer based in Cali with an Associate’s degree in Dental Assisting and a Technical Certificate as a Certified Holistic Health and Wellness Coach. She’s worked as a dental assistant for over a decade and has published a self-help book as well as a number of newsletters and medical based content. Besides writing online content, she’s working on three novels.


Expert Copywriter
I’m an expert copywriter with a Master’s Degree in Applied Linguistics. I have more than a decade of experience, writing for top websites like Healthline Media, Disneyland Resort, Barnes & Noble, and IQAir. Besides freelance writing, I’m a loving husband, father, and pet parent. For leisure, I love everything to do with the great outdoors.

Mike S


Industry Writer
Mike Stroder is, in short, an expert. He has been an engineer, researcher, and manager in the chemical and nanotechnology fields for almost 30 years, with several degrees from the University of Missouri-Rolla. He has also been a writer and cartoonist for 30+ years. Mike has a fun, dry sense of humor that adds a great level of engagement to what would otherwise be an uninteresting industry.

alex cutler


Expert Copywriter
Alex holds a BA in English Language and Linguistics and has an unwavering passion for creating content that attracts, engages and converts. Starting his career in journalism, Alex progressed into marketing and has worked with digital agencies and real estate firms the world over. If he’s not writing, you’ll probably find him playing piano, sightseeing, or exploring his local music scene.


Rachel is a freelance writer and designer based in Georgia. With a Bachelor’s degree in economics, she wrote her dissertation on the rapid rise of globalization and got her start as a writer when she contributed a series of dooms-day articles to her school newspaper forecasting the global economic crisis. She has ten years of experience in start-ups, online marketing, branding, and product development. She never stops dreaming of new ideas and loves instilling that passion in others through education.

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    We don’t settle. We believe in greatness and we deliver it every time. We provide creative, authoritative, influential content penned by gifted writers (98% of our applicants don’t make our cut).

    We believe in custom-made, tailored content solutions. Your business is unique and your content should match it. Our writers create compelling copy to give your content a voice sure to match your brand and break through the noise.

    We believe in measurable results. No one wants content just for the sake of filling pages. Our content is always created with improving your bottom line in mind: ranking highly in Google, standing out in a crowd of content, and impacting your readers.

    We believe in continuous learning. We set industry standards not just by hiring the best 2%, but also by continuously mentoring our team members in SEO and content marketing trends.

    We believe in a strong editorial review process to ensure the effectiveness and accuracy of our content. Our content marketing trained editors follow a unique content checkpoint process which goes far beyond just typos.

    We believe in fairness. All our services and packages are fairly priced so that you get excellent ROI from every piece of content we produce.