What Are Soft Skills and Why They Are Important?

What Are Soft Skills and Why They Are Important?

The question that any graduate asks is: “How to find the job of my dreams? “.
You can take different paths that will lead you to success: Apply for a leadership role in an extracurricular curriculum, take foreign language courses, get a certificate in computer programming or volunteer for a charity, for example. But the most promising and direct way to reach your goal is to get a quality internship.
Getting an internship is not just about building up your resume. According to the 2015 “Backing Soft Skills” report: “97% of UK employers believe that personal skills are important to the success of their business, and more than half say skills such as communication and teamwork are important. more important than traditional academic results. The elements that make you stand out from other candidates are these vital personal skills. The way you express your ideas, for example, how you interact with your manager and your colleagues, and maybe even how you react to failure.

What exactly are these personal skills and how will they help you get this dream internship?

Image result for Soft skillsADAPTABILITY
Show that you are a chameleon.
According to the Flux Report by Right Management, “91% of HR managers believe that by 2018, people will be recruited on the basis of their ability to manage change and uncertainty.”

The ability to cope with change and adapt to an increasingly dynamic work environment is one of the most underrated skills at work, and a trainee who adapts quickly to a new environment will be much more more likely to excel in the tasks entrusted to him. In the same way, keeping an open mind when working with different people and at different levels, as well as knowing how to juggle between different projects, are essential qualities for individual progression.
People who are comfortable with change and a frequently jostled routine will find that this natural ability to adapt will be useful during internships in Public Relations, Media, Events and Journalism.

To reflect this asset during an interview, learn how to answer questions you have not prepared for by managing the stress of the interview and staying safe.
Problem solving and critical thinking
Show that you know how to think and act
The ability to solve problems is one of the most sought-after skills for employers. As a trainee, the immediate challenge is to make reasoned judgment and to find solutions on a daily basis. What distinguishes a person who can solve other people’s problems is his positive attitude to the challenge and his willingness to take responsibility for his actions when looking for a way around the problem.

If you are deeply convinced that problems are hidden opportunities, and that solving problems is much more interesting than accommodating them, you have every chance to flourish in a programming internship, software development, product design or design study.

To demonstrate your critical thinking skills in an interview, learn to ask the right questions and show how you can turn the negative into the positive by managing your weaknesses appropriately.

Show that you know how to work in a team

Although you are hired as an individual, it is crucial to remember that you are also part of a larger organization. Many people willingly encourage the winning spirit, in the sense that proving oneself for promotion has become more important than working together to achieve optimal productivity. But before you climb the ladder to become a leader, you need to understand the dynamics of group work, and learn to work as a team.

To adopt a collaborative mindset, start with an open attitude to work. You need to work on points such as understanding different points of view without arguing or arguing, accept criticism without systematically defending yourself and share your knowledge and experience openly with your colleagues.

If you share this mindset, the following courses will suit you perfectly: designer, programmer, developer of mobile applications.

To reflect this asset in an interview, give an example of how you have demonstrated team spirit and the role you played in a successful collaborative project.
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Show that you know how to listen, not just talk.

A good communicator not only transmits messages, but also strives to establish a personal relationship by considering how his message is received by others. A marketing trainee who highlights the benefits of the company to the customer will receive more attention than a trainee who simply lists the strengths of the company, for example. Similarly, listening to others individually allows you to respond appropriately, ensuring that the other person feels that their opinion is not only recognized but valued.

Possessing the skills developed above will put you in a strong position for an internship in social media, marketing and account management. To demonstrate that your skills and personality are adapted to the position during an interview, give examples of how you interact with people at different levels and continue to improve your communication skills by preparing for difficult questions .

Personal motivation
Do not just say, show what you have in your stomach, it’s determination and passion that speak the most.

When it comes to an internship that will or will not change to a full-time position, it’s often personal motivation that makes the difference. “60% of HR managers have identified the ability of employees to cope with intense stress and adapt to it as a fundamental part of enabling companies to achieve their strategic goals,” according to the Flux Report by Right Management. A motivated individual who possesses that intrinsic quality that will push him to go even further to achieve his goal and exceed expectations, will have the perseverance necessary to overcome failures. A motivated trainee who strives for excellence in everything he undertakes will have less need to be supervised and will be rewarded with greater trust and responsibility.

For those who excel in all the tasks assigned to them, your role could be that of social media assistant, personal assistant trainee, fashion trainee, account management trainee, or just the internship that you are passionate about or motivates you the most .

During an interview, however, personal motivation can be difficult to argue. Be sure to spend time talking about what motivates you and give examples of when you took the initiative to solve a problem by proposing innovative solutions.

It is safe to say that any employee, regardless of sector, must have personal skills to flourish that should not be underestimated when looking for new opportunities in the world of work. Whether it’s a secretary in need of management skills, a lawyer with good interpersonal skills or a nurse, all require excellent communication skills. It’s not just what you know, but the way you put it into practice matters.