Stray Dog ​​who Waited 6 Months for the Return of the Flight Attendants Finally Gets Home With Her

A stray dog in Argentina is the perfect example of endless loyalty. When Olivia Sievers, a flight attendant from Germany, showed this puppy street a little bit of affection, he never forgot. Sievers frequently works on flights to Argentina, and always stays in the same hotel in Buenos Aires. One day, she noticed a street dog. She gave him some food, and they played for a little while. When she walked away, the puppy followed her right to the hotel. Sievers tried several times to distract from the sticky canine, but he was still at his heels.
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As she entered the hotel, the dog settled just outside, waiting for the return of his new favorite man. Sievers named Rubio, and that night gave him a blanket to keep him warm. As she prepares to board the aircraft for Germany, the flight attendant does not think she has ever seen the dog from the street again … Until the next time she arrived in Buenos Aires! According to the Daily Mail, 6 months have passed, but the puppy was still outside the hotel that was waiting for him. The hotel manager informed Sievers that they had been treating Rubio while she had been away. They even asked for help from a rescue operation, who tried to adopt it in a new house … but they ran away and headed to the back of the hotel! Sievers knew that she and Rubio were destined to be together. So, after waiting patiently for half a year, Rubio was taken to Germany and his home forever with his favorite human.
Now, the formerly parasitic puppy is happier than ever. It looks like good things come to those who are waiting!