Stolen Dogs Reunited With Family After 4 Years

Dog, Young, Cute, Beach, AnimalStolen dogs reunited with family after 4 years In September 2008, 2 long Siberian Huskies, China and Asia, were stolen from their backyard. Devastated, Twyla Long reported the missing dogs and prayed that their fleas would eventually lead to their safe return. 

The first of the longest animals, China, was sent home 2 years later, in 2010. She was found nearly 2 hours away in Saganaw, Texas. As ecstatic as they were for the safe return of China, the family never gave up hope that Asia, too, would find its way back to its family. On Sunday evening, their prayers were answered. Some 825 miles from their home in Texas, a now 5 year old Husky was found wandering along a road near Chicago Airport, Illinois. Thanks to the microchip family’s preparation of their pets, Asia has been returned to his legitimate family 4 years after being abducted. Twyla Long told ABC News, “She came into our house last night and she went straight to the back door as if she knew the back door was there.” At their meetings, the two dogs jumped back into their routines, as if they had never left.