Start in Upwork and Not Die in the Attempt

“What do I put on my profile?”
“I think this is not for me.”
“I mean, how much do I set the time or what?”
Yes. It sounded soooo easy when Pepe told you about his fabulous life as a freelancer traveling from beach to beach while working from his laptop …
Being an online freelancer and working remotely can be very rewarding, but at the same time very frustrating, and definitely a work style that is not for everyone. To be successful you need to develop new skills in addition to those required by your professional activity, such as self-control, discipline, learning to say no… But I have good news for you: if you manage to get on the wave and stay in it, you will be in the lead. Remote work is the work of the future.
Perhaps the most challenging thing about being a remote freelancer is to start. Unlike being a local freelancer where you can visit your clients, or where your parents recommend you with their acquaintances to do a job, start working remotely feels like chopping stone. There is little information in Spanish on the subject and decisions such as what service you want to offer, how much you should charge, what projects suit you and what platform to use can be a reason to run away and shout “AYiiiAAAAAA!”

here are many platforms where you can start working as a remote freelancer. One of the most famous worldwide is Upwork , which acts as an intermediary between freelancers and clients so that everyone can rest assured that each person will fulfill their part of the deal. All platforms have their own how-to, but if you decided on Upwork and have no idea where to start, do not get frustrated! Here are some tips so you can start.

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Why am I good?

At this point of the game, you know for sure what you are a fregón and of what occupation you surely die of hunger. And if not, at least you know what you like to do and what shocks you, right? Whatever your case, it is important that you feel to write your skills and abilities. It also includes any type of professional experience. Upwork has a list of job categories that are offered. Check it to see if your profile matches at least some of the jobs you can find on the platform.
Fill your profile
If you have the ability to follow instructions, the technical part of this step will not cost you work. Accommodate what you previously wrote down as the platform indicates. It is important that for now you only include those skills that you really master, so that you can do a good job. Remember that the command of written and spoken English will give you many points about others. Make sure you create a profile that gives the world something more than “English and Microsoft Office”, please.
Take flowers
No matter that you do not have previous work experience or that you are new to Upwork. There are many ways to show that you have certain skills. For example, Upwork offers you the possibility to show that you are good in English or business strategy by doing one of your tests and show it on your profile. You can write a very striking Overview, like Daniela’s , that speaks of your capacity and experience. Remember, the most important thing is that you have to make the client see that you are the one to solve your problem.
Start “a little bit”
For clients, the main benefit of hiring remote freelancers is the low cost. It is very common to find Startups, Non-Profits and companies from the United States, Europe, Australia (and other first world countries) that want to lower their human capital costs. In many cases, these companies look for freelancers who can offer a better cost-benefit ratio (eye, some are willing to pay high prices for a high level of experience, but that’s another story). On the other hand, it is very tempting to start charging $ 50 per hour. “Pos for something I studied and prepared myself!” Yes, millet, but so you can charge well and have more clients you must first have good reviews – that is, someone who has already hired you through Upwork and has evaluated you positively after closing contract. The best thing to start appearing on the map is to charge cheap (we started charging $ 5USD an hour). Generally the price range that most demand is between $ 3 and $ 10 an hour, so if you are there you have more opportunity for customers to find you when they are looking for cheap labor. Do not despair, it will not be forever 😉
To search!
If you really want Upwork (or any other platform) to be your main source of income in the future, the most important thing is to start looking and applying for jobs. A good idea may be to spend one or two hours a day looking for job ads that are ideal and apply. With a free Upwork account you have 60 Connects , which serve as tokens to exchange for applications to jobs. Take advantage of all that you can, but do not apply at all. I recommend that you personalize all your applications since clients are generally shocked by “template” applications. Remember, on the other side of the screen there is a human who is probably frustrated looking for the ideal candidate.
There are also chafas clients
When you rent an Airbnb or when you go to a new restaurant you are looking for the best evaluation, right? Well, with Upwork it’s the same. When you apply or are invited to apply for a job, you can see the customer’s profile: how much money they have spent in Upwork, if their payment method is verified, how many jobs they have published, and their reviews. It is best to choose the client who has better reviews and who does not seem that his job description was written by copying and pasting Google translator (if you do not speak good English and you do, you can have problems on a daily basis). Do not forget that finally, you are working on the internet, and not everyone is 100% reliable or professional.
Take advantage of Upwork’s resources
Upwork has a huge community of freelancers from around the world who are constantly growing. They know how hard it is to start, and created this online course to help newbies. Take a look! In addition, they have a team that helps all the new talent and constantly review the profiles of freelancers to give them tips on how to improve. Take advantage of their advice , it suits them that you go well.
Patience, little Padawan
If you are one of the brave people who have already decided to leave behind the corporate world and the status quo, or simply want to generate extra income for your chewing gum, I congratulate you! You are about to start a very rewarding and challenging stage of your career. Remember that all the worthwhile things are not usually given from one day to the next. The important thing is that you are constant, dedicated and patient, and eventually you will find that first ideal job, which although it will not be the most important or best paid, it will open doors for other better jobs.
Good luck!
Do you have doubts that do not appear here? Write me !