First case of corona epidemic found in TIGER, know how to take care of your PETS

After this case again, the debate started if the coronavirus can spread from humans to animals and pets with this virus. How much danger?

Until now, it was thought that the coronavirus is only a disease that is transmitted from human to human, so animals are immune. But the first case of this type appeared in the United States, in which a wild animal called Kovid – 19 was found infected with. This is the first case of coronavirus spreading from humans to animals. This tiger, named Nadia, was at the Bronx Zoo in New York. According to reports, an employee of this zoo was infected with the Coronavirus.
Later, 3 zoo tigers were tested for dry cough, so one of these tigers tested positive for corona. Symptoms of illness in this 27 tiger began to appear from March itself. After this case, once again, the debate began on the question of whether the coronavirus can spread from humans to animals and what is the danger of this virus for pets? The WHO says that after touching and lifting animals, you should wash your hands thoroughly with soap. It can protect many other types of bacteria and viruses.
Can corona virus spread in animals?

Coronavirus is a disease transmitted by animals. When the first case of coronavirus was revealed in the Chinese city of Wuhan, it was found that the virus was spread by animals. After that, only cases of this virus were transmitted from humans to humans. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report, there are several types of coronavirus. Some of these coronaviruses can affect animals, the new coronavirus i.e. COVID – 19 have not seen an epidemic in animals, but the CDC also says that if you touch animals, Wash your hands with soap. Animal care guidelines

Aside from that, the CDC has also released some guidelines for the care of pets during illness. According to this directive, if a person is Kovid – 19, i.e. that the crown is a victim or suspected virus, then it should not come into direct contact with pets, except members of their household. Apart from that, these things must be kept in mind.

  1. If another animal sitter is present in the house, this responsibility should be given to the person until they recover.
  2. The patient must not play with animals, kiss or feed his dog.
  3. If a sick person takes care of a pet, they should only touch the animal by washing their hands and putting a mask over their mouth.

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