Exercise to lose weight, have you ever thought about it? Restrictive diets and deprivations never allow you to lose weight in the long term, which is why you must favor a step that fits in time. Your eating and sports habits are to be redefined. The regular practice of exercises proposed by an adapted sports program, offers you the possibility of losing weight durably with the help of exercises which draw your silhouette.
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An intense sports program incorporating HIIT allows you to never fall into the routine by offering various exercises to lose weight and muscle. Always motivated, you take pleasure in taking care of your health and your physique.


Cardio exercises act like a formidable fat burner. They accelerate breathing and metabolic activity to meet the high energy demands of your muscles. You burn so many calories. The phenomenon of EPOC (Intensive Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption) causes a calorie consumption up to 48 hours after exercise. The cardio exercises make you lose weight overall by attacking your fat stores.
Essential as a weight loss exercise, the burpee will whet your interest by its effects fat-burning. Begin the exercise in the squat position, with your hands in front of you on the floor. Make a slight jump to put your feet back. You are now in the pump position, with your torso touching the floor. Then, force on your arms and bring your legs back to the squat position. Finish the movement by jumping and raising your hands. Complete, this exercise solicits the whole of your body to act globally on your muscles and help you lose weight hips. Arms, hips, thighs, buttocks, everything goes!


A personalized training program has the advantage of making you lose weight at your own pace, without making you move from home. The exercises proposed only solicit the use of your body weight, which facilitates your training and develops your musculature in a harmonious way. Without equipment, you learn to support and lift your own weight. This makes it easier for you to reach your fitness weight, the weight you feel best. He is the ideal man weight and ideal weight women because it is you and does not depend on numbers.
Bodyweight training develops agility, coordination, endurance and strength. Without a machine, you even preserve your back and gain a balanced posture.


Exercise, yes, but at what cost? You do not feel the ability to run long hours? Reaching your ideal weight does not necessarily mean long-term effort. Everything is in the intensity.


Active life imposes rhythms that do not always leave room for a moment for oneself. With a personalized training program, your sports sessions are planned in advance. You play sports and you give yourself a moment just for you. Morning, noon or night, you decide the perfect time to perform your exercises.
20 minutes are enough for an effective workout, which can be done wherever you are: in the office, at home, on vacation. An internet connection or an application on your phone allows you to enjoy a complete sports service and your image. You save time by following an adapted program, having targeted your needs, your objectives and your level of fitness. Do not let cellulite lead you to life thanks to a complete and tailor-made sports follow-up.


Dr. Izumi Tabata published a study in 1996 in an article in the journal “Medicine and Science in Sports Exercise” that compares conventional endurance work such as running and interval high-intensity work (HIIT). This study revealed that HIIT provided a better metabolic response than moderate endurance work. To put it simply, the Tabata study shows that HIIT asks the body for more energy than endurance sports like jogging. It is, therefore, an excellent exercise to lose weight: the more energy you ask for your body, the closer you are to your ideal weight. This phenomenon is still prolonged several hours after training.

The HIIT is based on a principle of intensity, which allows you to train in a very short time, with the maximum stress of your physical abilities. This format presents in the form of several exercise sequences with short rest periods between each exercise. You lose weight while improving your fitness.