Delegate the Writing of its Articles in 3 steps

Delegate the Writing of its Articles in 3 steps

You plan to create a website, but writing is not your forte? Writing articles takes a lot of time, valuable time you could spend on other more important tasks. In addition, this is not your field: you do not know how to optimize content for search engines and do not have the time or the desire to start this long learning … Have you thought to delegate the drafting from your articles to a qualified web editor ? No doubt, but how to choose the right writer  ? Follow us, we share immediately with you the 3 steps that allow to delegate content writing with confidence

Delegate the Writing of its Articles in 3 steps

1 – Delegate writing articles: find a web editor!

You have probably heard of the job of freelance SEO web editor . The SEO web editor is able to write various content: do not be afraid of the blank page and delegate the writing of your blog articles, pages, product sheets, etc. to a competent and qualified web editor.
All right, will you tell me, but how to choose the right web editor? You must find a web editor who will write content that resembles you and stick to the editorial line that you have defined for your website.
Choose preferably an editor who is accustomed to write about your theme : if it is familiar to him and that he likes it, you can be sure that he will write quickly quality texts!
You have done the trick of LinkedIn , browsed hundreds of Facebook pages of web editors, but do not know how to make your choice?
For this, ask several web editors to send you a link to their portfolio . This is a file where the web editor has indexed the texts he has written. This way, you will have a glimpse of the style of several editors and will be able to choose the one that suits you best. If you are looking for an SEO web editor, able to optimize your content for search engines , you can even study the SEO texts he has already produced.

2 – Give a test to the future editor

By discovering the portfolio of your web editor, you have an idea of ​​how it is written and you think it could match your website . To be sure, ask him to write a small test article of a few hundred words: if it suits you, you can adjust it before integrating it into your website. If it does not suit you, continue your search for writers. To evaluate the quality of your writer’s essay article, consider the following:
  • Is his level of French irreproachable?
  • Is the common thread coherent?
  • Is his editorial style right for you?
  • was the briefing respected?
  • Are its rates affordable in your situation?
If the answer each of these questions is “yes”, then, all the lights are green; congratulations, you have found your web editor and can start collaborating !

3 – Prepare a briefing before writing content

It is important to prepare a good briefing before delegating the writing of an article to an editor. The more precise you are, the more likely you are to have the item. Specify to your SEO web editor the main theme of the article, the number of words it should contain, the general structure, as well as the deadline.
Thus, you make sure to limit the round trips by mail: your editor now knows what he must do, it will be faster, but also much more effective than if you had given him a simple title without any instructions. Be careful, however, not to provide a precise TOO briefing : bridled, your web editor could have difficulties to produce a quality text, adapted to the user experience !

What you must remember :

Delegating the writing of your articles saves you valuable time

By asking a professional to produce your content , you save a lot of time. Your project is moving forward, giving you time to focus on other tasks.

Entrepreneur in e-commerce

You have delegated the drafting of your product sheets: you now have time to think about new things you could add to your site, manage your stock, take care of sending your parcels, etc. ;

Web entrepreneur

You can now devote yourself fully to the creation of your new courses, in terms of your next e-book …;


You have entrusted the writing of your Youtube subtitles to a web editor. During this time, you can focus on the themes and editing of your next Youtube videos;