Air purifier, is it effective?

The air is polluted, there is no doubt. Even if the naked eye or smell can not distinguish millions of harmful particles that we breathe daily, our body does not let anything pass. To try to filter a little bit all these toxins, the air purifier is the ideal ally.
The air purifier is a device designed to filter the air simply. Originally, it was intended for intensive use as in industries, business and also in hospitals to rid the air of all the waste that is spilt by the activity, even those places. The main purpose was to fight against germs, viruses and bacteria that spread everywhere. Over time, we had the idea of using it at home.
If, at first sight, you say that such a device may be boring, ugly, cumbersome, it is that you have not seen the design and easy to carry models that are easily found in supermarkets. For information here is the Philips model, which we tested at the same time as our comparison of silent vacuum cleaner.
For my part, I had no trouble finding a model of air purifier with a sober appearance and fully adapted to the colors of my walls. In addition, far from being bulky, you will find light and therefore easy to transport from one room to another as needed. Brands like Phillips or Rowenta have the chic to offer this kind of models of appliances that you have no trouble melting into the decor.
Is it effective or not?
Plants, Potted, Green, Nature, GardeningGiven its performance, an air purifier may be essential in your home if, of course, you want to breathe clean air. Indeed, even if you can not believe it, even at home, between the four walls of your home, you breathe as much polluting particles as if you were outdoors. Cleaning or washing up with chemical cleaning products is already enough to spread a considerable amount of polluting substances in the air. It’s the same when you clean the floor, wash the toilet, cook, etc.
Each air purifier works with a filtration system that actually aims to recycle air. Thus, through the filter of your purifier, microbes, bacteria and other harmful wastes are captured, thus releasing the air of their toxicity. The air purifier works by suction of polluted air, then by rejecting the purified air, cleaned of any waste.
According to construction standards and according to brands, not all air purifiers offer the same purification capacity. However, when you analyze the filter, you are surprised to find the amount of waste trapped. Personally, I admit I was flabbergasted the first time I saw tests done with particle counters. Apart from the physical waste, the purifier, like the Philips AC4072 / 11 is able to stop also microparticles. Thus, several hundreds of thousands of fine particles invisible to the naked eye are trapped by the filter.
However, for a better efficiency, you must know how to choose it taking into account many factors. For example, for my part, I use my air purifier in the largest room of the house, that is to say in the living room. The factor that determined the choice of my device is the flow of air stirred and also purified. If these standards are too low for the dimensions of the room, it is obvious that I will not have the desired result. The other determining factor is the nature of the filters, especially their quality. It is also imperative to change them regularly to avoid any risk of fouling. Finally, I took care to choose an air purifier operating in automatic mode. This allows the device to adapt its speed to the degree of room pollution. So I do not have to adjust the speed myself at any time.
In view of all the performance, I allow myself to think that my air purifier is effective. Indeed, given the impressive amount of harmful substances circulating in the air, if I did not have it, I would be more seized than usual, I would easily succumb to all kinds of allergies and I do not speak to you about bad smells. Since I use air purifiers, I feel reassured and I feel healthier.
Image result for plant]Well-being for mom and baby

As the mother of a newborn, I quickly installed an air purifier in my little one’s room. Even if this room does not have much outside its cradle and wardrobe, leaving the shutters open, opening the door countless times a day to make sure it is good enough. to bring smells and bacteria of all kinds. To avoid disturbing his sleep, I took care to choose an air purifier with an acceptable sound level. Baby never hears it anyway.

With this tool, baby almost never has allergies. With my first child, I did not have this reflex and it was all the time allergies causing colds, redness, etc. But now, I see the difference, because baby breathes clean air and it shows.
I also have a friend whose baby is often prone to asthma attacks. But since she installed an air purifier in her room, seizures are less and less frequent, because her immediate environment is rid of bad odors, fungi, bacteria and all that is likely to irritate his airways.
My experience with air purifiers, especially those of the Philips brand, has been really rewarding. If at first I had trouble seeing their effectiveness, over time, I was happy to have made this choice. It is obvious that this device is not enough to completely purify the air and keep us away from all pollution-related diseases. However, most people agree that it is effective and useful.

If you do not have one yet, do not hesitate, and above all, make the right choice! Like me, you can trust a shopping guide to compare prices and performance before you decide.