5 Best Exercises to Build Your Upper Chest Rock Hard

Your brawny and athletic chest is something you want. For this, you have to take four to three hour’s vigorous exercise. You can attain your dream hefty body by following these five exercise techniques.

Barbell Bench Press

Perfectly shaped pec muscles indicate your intense workout. Purpose of exercise and workout is not just to make a huge mountain of flesh and fats rather a trimmed muscular body suitable for gym cum beach modeling.
Your very first day at the gym might be a worry some while looking at professionals. But there is nothing to worry about, just go ahead and ask them how to work on Barbell Bench Press. During your early days you will find it difficult to get a dream body, but after few weeks your dream will come true.

Push-Ups with Rotation on power tower

As it is often heard and said that OLD IS GOLD. Push up is a traditional way to gain patience, power and a fully developed muscular body. Many push-ups vary for different people but ten push-ups in every four minutes is a quick and easy way to get the needful. Changing the movements of your upper and lower limbs alternatively along with push-ups on power tower. By changing positions and postures, you will work on various muscles without getting bored. 
Professional bodybuilders have some golden words regarding push-ups. According to them, it is the best exercise to shape up your body using power tower.

Chest squeeze push up 

While performing push-ups bringing the dumbbells together in a synchronized manner will help you in building your stamina, increasing your endurance. It also provides you with extra energy for combatting stress and depression.

Grease the Groove

If building a muscular chest is your main objective, then thirty to forty minutes’ workout with various chest exercises will help you to get Sylvester Stallone like body. You must get your body into action with simple set steps of chest workout. But keep in mind that you must not keep working on a specific muscle group as it may be hazardous. According to experts, two days’ rest is a must, as it is considered as recovery time if you are focusing on a complete body workout in a week with three days of chest exercises.

Cable Crossovers

This exercise is one of a must chest workout. Design your pec routine consisting of cable crossovers, incline dumbbell press, flat bench or machine press. Cable crossovers is a recommended shortcut for attaining your dream body.


People often suffer from severe gym injuries. To keep yourselves protected you must use a spotter. There is a recommended easy way to keep yourself away from gym injuries which are warming up your body for about ten to fifteen minutes. After warming up, you must take a rest for about 5 minutes before beginning with your routine exercises. If you are already suffering from some injury, then you must consult a gym adviser before starting on a new exercise.