Valentine Dancing

Valentine Dancing

Eyes met, 
One looked down, 
Heart melt, mind aglow, 
Heart pounded, wonder and wander, 
As if in a field of gold, 
Eyes sparkle in new hope,
Love grew like mushroom,
Valentine dancing!

Thoughts abound, 
Heart restless, 
Imagination grew, 
Rainbow form, 
Deep in the heart,
Eyes wet, 
Heart cold,

Loneliness rule, 
Eyes watch stars, 
Shooting star cross,
Heart made wish, 
Forever at the horizon, 
Valentine dancing!

Eyes heavy, sleep afar, 
Heart awake, mind busy, 
Tomorrow D-day, 
Valentine dancing!

Eyes pop out, mouth agape, 
Heart flew, phone press, 
Number not available, 
Phone switched off, 
Number doesn’t exist, 
Phone smash, 
Valentine dancing!

Thunder struck, 
Heart scattered, 
Vulture eat the pieces, 
Sorrows feast, 
Eyes bleed blood, 
Life melancholic, 
Valentine dancing,
And dancing, 
Dancing the music of sorrow!