Midnight creatures
Knew my matte secrets
Secrets of my lusty trysts
With enchanted princess
Kings of forbidden kingdoms
Even merchants of steel
I have been a slave to my desires
Groanings that wondered my thighs
Ashamed not of my naked breasts

That feared not
The touch of a man
A man mastered in the craft of lovemaking
Tampering with my sanity
At the point where whimpers escape my throat
As eyes filled with droplets of silky tears
When he entered unguarded domains of a female

My tapered past
Filled with men between my legs
Reflects in your eyes
Filled with anger
Burning with disgust
Closing in shame
Scattered with regret
You knew me as no saint
A sinner on this earthly nest
Just as you a sinner at midnight
We have sinned together
Embodied in promiscuity of nudity
Indulged in the food that ancient gods killed for
Filled our waists with wetness of abandoned forests
You cannot judge

A maiden gave in to your masculine desires of fulfilment
That burned hot deep below your throat
My past
May be tapered with  sinful desires
Yet you have fallen in drunken stupor
From these very hills on my bosom
Fallen asleep
Inside these very thighs that you now despise
Hold no grudge against my past
My passion now exists only for you

Allow my tongue to erase
Thoughts that haunt you
On my knees, I will stay
Until you call my name again
With a burn that melts the heat from volcanoes
You are my son

As I am your sinner
They say if you love
Someone, you should
Let them go
Glad to know
That rule doesn’t apply
To you 

As i won’t let you go
If the world came 
Crashing down with chaos 
Or dreams fade into sunset 
I will stick to you 

Like glue, till our very path
Is void of essence and purpose
Leaving us with
The end of time.