How much would you rent out your heart, 
to pain? 
Vast hurt lodged in-depth, 
mortgaged and leased out. 
No vacancy at all just
capacity after capacity,

not a square inch free. 
While love awaits 
curled in a cardboard mansion, 
breeze weaving through, 
a ventilation of solitude 
in its entire magnitude.

Have you ever been healthy with sickness 
it’s potent bile cuddling your soul, 
that you drown?
Tears from your bloated eyes, 
flooded shores, 
ravaged sores, 
vocals hoarse 
regret in its echo 
resonating but long.
Sea sick,

you empty your throat 
yet flood the boat 
so you capsize, 
and soaked. 
Love sweats you so…

Does glue have the power to
hold the shatters, 
and what about a hug? 
Suffice to break free, 
run wild, 
bungee jump without a cord.

Love is a plunge into an army of thorns just
to pick a rose
yet watch it wither in petrified beauty. 
While you pricked skin bleed, 
drip drop streams to Scarlet shores. 
As hate rows away 
ripples splash and sway.