Mission Youth Schemes in Jammu & Kashmir: Empowering the Youth for a Brighter Tomorrow

Jammu & Kashmir is home to a predominantly young population, with approximately 69% of its people under the age of 35. Recognizing the immense potential of its youth and the need to harness it for the state’s development, the Government of Jammu & Kashmir has launched Mission Youth. This pioneering initiative aims to provide a platform for the holistic implementation of youth engagement and outreach initiatives, placing the empowerment and interests of young people at the forefront of policy-making.

Empowering Youth Through Various Schemes:

1. Mumkin – Livelihood Generation Scheme

Objective: To facilitate unemployed youth in procuring small commercial vehicles at a subsidized rate to establish sustainable livelihoods in the transport sector. Key Features:

  • Transparent and fast scheme implementation through the JK-e Services portal.
  • Special incentive of 0.80 lakh or 10% of On-Road Price of Vehicle (whichever is Minimum) per beneficiary, contributed by Mission Youth and vehicle manufacturers.

2. Spurring Entrepreneurship Initiative

Objective: To encourage young entrepreneurs, especially women, towards innovations in various enterprises. Key Features:

  • Focus on Youth Enterprise with Innovation (YouWiN)/ Champion for Innovation program.
  • Financial assistance to youth for establishing business units, fostering innovation, and job creation.

3. Tejaswani – The Radiant

Objective: To promote entrepreneurship among young women by providing financial assistance of up to Rs 5 lakhs for setting up gainful self-employment ventures. Eligibility: Women between the age of 18 to 35 years with a qualification of 10th standard or above.

4. SAHYTA Program

Objective: To provide special financial assistance of 2 lakhs to youth in distress for setting up gainful self-employment units. Eligibility: Youth between the age of 18 to 40 years who have lost any next of kin/family member in insurgency related action, cross border shelling, or mine blast incident in Jammu and Kashmir.

5. Young Innovators Program

Objective: To enhance young people’s learning and development through non-formal learning activities with a focus on innovation in education, entrepreneurship, art, research, and cross-sectoral partnerships. Key Activities:

  • Supporting innovative entrepreneurship ideas.
  • Promoting young social/educational innovators.
  • Encouraging innovative initiatives in resource conservation/management.

6. Sector Specific Scheme for Dental Professionals

Objective: To address unemployment in the dental sector by providing financial support to professionals for setting up dental clinics. Key Features:

  • Financial assistance of 8 lakhs, comprising a grant in aid/capital amount of 2 lakhs from Mission Youth and a start-up loan of 6 lakhs from a bank.
  • Targeting the establishment of 200 dental clinics in the pilot phase.

7. Rise Together

Objective: To promote community-based entrepreneurship among youth of J&K to generate jobs, income, and promote social service. Financial Assistance: ₹ 20.00 lakh for eligible Youth Groups, comprising of an upfront subsidy component provided by Mission Youth and a loan provided by the bank.


Mission Youth schemes in Jammu & Kashmir are empowering the youth by providing them with opportunities for skill development, education, livelihood generation, and entrepreneurship. These initiatives not only aim to improve the economic status of the youth but also contribute to the overall development of the region. By focusing on innovation, empowerment, and inclusivity, Mission Youth is paving the way for a brighter and more prosperous future for the youth of Jammu & Kashmir.