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SEO Writer believes in the importance of using the services of a web writing agency, but not just anyone. Writing content that promotes good web referencing requires great professionalism, in addition to a little artistic touch. This is why our agency has developed a highly competent external web writing network. We have worked hard to find you writers sensitive to the reality of your business and aware of the technicality of web references. Above all, we read, reread and reread countless texts from different web editors before choosing our web favorites. Many are called, and few are chosen, as they say.


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Our web agency leaves nothing to chance and we make sure to have a web editor who looks like you. We want the professionalism and distinctive character of your organization to be faithfully represented by your web showcase. Our SEO agency also believes in the added value of a professional web editor. He understands the intricacies of digital marketing. In the age of the web, the rules have changed. Google has something to do with it, and page by page, we will achieve great things.


Simplicity is using our agency for its web writing service

green zigzag web copywriting agency

At SEO Writer, we believe in investing in a web writing service. Our agency tells you, that web writing is a much more complex art than we would like to think. We believe in your project and we will do everything to see it through. Although we do not yet know your goals, the success of these is already important to us and a successful website design starts with quality content. That’s why our agency offers you the best web editors on the market.


Our SEO strategists plan the strategic direction of textual content.

Knowledge sharing

Our SEO experts share their knowledge with the web editor.

Web writing

Our agency puts you in touch with the said web editor who looks like you.


We verify that the written web content is impeccable from an SEO point of view.


We present the texts to you for your approval

Web editor for long-form content

Reach your target audience, as well as improve your online visibility, with our long-form SEO copywriter service. This set of services focuses on researching, creating and promoting skyscrapper content, which ranges from 2100 to 5300 words. Skyscraper content is a great tool to reach and convert your target market.


2,100 to 2,600 words per2,800 to 3,600 words per4,500 to 5,300 words per
Keyword research, SEO content WEB writing, editing, new web layout and SEO for the new web pageKeyword research, SEO content WEB writing, editing, new web layout and SEO for the new web pageKeyword research, SEO content WEB writing, editing, new web layout and SEO for the new web page
No research topic requiredThematic research includedThematic research included
Strategic use of keywords in articles and co-citationStrategic use of keywords in articles and co-citationStrategic use of keywords in articles and co-citation
Keyword search includedKeyword search includedKeyword search included
Link to internal and external contentLink to internal and external contentLink to internal and external content
Basic ReportingDetailed reportingDetailed reporting
Up to 5 photos or graphicsUp to 10 photos or graphicsUp to 15 images / graphics
Web layout formattingUp to 2 hours of formatting custom charts or diagramsUp to 4 hours of formatting custom charts or diagrams
Basic PromotionUp to 3 hours dedicated to promoting and reaching out to influencers
Promoting Paid Traffic
900 $ per page1200 $ per page2400 $ per page

There is also another package for writing long-form “LITE” content of 1100 to 1400 words for 600$


For your business to succeed, having a professional and well-written website is essential. That’s why we have a team of specialist web writers and editors. Their industry experience ranges from technical to non-technical, allowing us to match your business with a knowledgeable and experienced web copywriter.

Our team also ensures the accuracy of your content by thoroughly researching your industry. We also follow your brand guidelines, which allows our copywriters to produce targeted copy that not only appeals to your target market, but also converts them.


We do more than write compelling content for your website – we also optimize it for search engines. By strategically and naturally using keywords throughout your text, our team can maximize the online reach and visibility of your website and its content.

By strategically and naturally using keywords throughout your text, our team can maximize the reach and online visibility of your website and content.

With this feature, you can expect your site to appear in relevant search results and attract valuable traffic. For example, a blog post that discusses oil heating vs electric heating might include the keyword “oil heating vs electric heating” to help your article reach its target market via Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines.


In order for your content to start performing well, getting it published on your site is essential. That’s why our web editor services include the implementation of web pages. Once your team has reviewed and approved your content, our team uploads and publishes it to your website.

Depending on your web copywriting services, our design team also produces visuals for your content. For example, our long-form copywriting services include up to 15 images or graphics to help your text connect with readers.

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In today’s competitive online market, your business demands a website with A++ copywriting. With over 20 years of experience and a team of dedicated writers, SEOWriter is the trusted choice for professional writing services. Partner with our team to improve not only your website, but also your bottom line.

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