Dreary Christmas

Dreary Christmas


Christmas is around the corner,
There is a joyous atmosphere;
But what good is all this to her,
If he is nowhere near.

Happiness, fun,frolic fill the air,
The city is in a festive mood;
But he is not there,to cheer her up,
To uplift her gloomy mood.

Lonesome are her cold,winter days,
Emptiness clouds her nights;
She spills tears on her bed linen,
He is not by her side.

She misses the twinkle in his green eyes,
His endearing, charming gaze;
She longs to hear his ringing laughter,
To enliven her dreary days.

Christmas trees are beautifully decked,
The church bells have begun to chime;
Is his love for her deep and true,
Across this vast space and time?

She is the lovelorn maiden,
Who has learnt to pine and fret;
On the horizon of her meaningless life,
The Sun has forever set.