Don’t Look at Me with Those Eyes

Don’t Look at Me with Those Eyes

Don’t Look at Me with Those Eyes
You know I have to leave you, mi corazón
Did you think I could stay forever?
I have been true to you for four years
Four years without once going away.

Your loving arms of green held me close
The rivers from your body refreshed me
The sun of your Azul eyes awakened me
And I savoured your valleys and streets.

Frankly, there are things I hate about you
You have dirt under your fingernails
Lies and apathy corrupt your soul
Yet there remains so very much to love.

You know the road always calls to me
In its clear voice to go seek another
I cannot help how I am made
The way I had no intention to be.

You simply can’t hold me responsible
For choices that are more like
Your whistling winds or your tropical rains
The decisions made, verdicts rendered.

You will always be home to me now
Mine! We belong to each other
In some indelible, true way with no end
Still, I feel the loss of my departing.

Nothing lasts. Nothing remains the same
So don’t look at me with those eyes.