Celebrating PM Modi’s 73rd Birthday with PM Vishwakarma Scheme Launch

Highlights of PM Vishwakarma Scheme

Empowering Citizens through Skill Development and Financial Improvement

Implementation and Allocation of Funds for Small Enterprises under PM Vishwakarma Scheme

Budget Allocation: Approximately ₹13,000 to ₹15,000 Crores

Objectives and Perspectives of PM Vishwakarma Scheme 2024


  • Enhancing Opportunities for Training and Capacity Development
  • Encouraging the Use of Modern Technology
  • Providing Clear Support for Financial Assistance without Collateral
  • Promoting Online Commerce
  • Establishing Market Networking and Promotional Environment for Brands


  • Providing Guidelines for Artisans and Craftsmen in the Art of Application and Craft Skills
  • Preserving Cultural Capacities and Traditions
  • Fostering Economic Empowerment
  • Ensuring District Satisfaction in Urban and Rural Areas
  • Enhancing Effectiveness in Health, Pension Benefits, and Insurance Systems

Special Features of PM Vishwakarma Scheme

Coverage and Support:

  • Inclusion of 18 Traditional Businesses in Every Rural and Remote Area
  • Issuance of PM Vishwakarma Certificates and Identity Cards for Participants
  • Provision of Subsidized Credit Facility up to ₹2 Lakhs at 5% Interest Rate

Skill Development and Empowerment:

  • Allocation of ₹13,000 to ₹15,000 Crores for Skill Training and Purchase of Contemporary Equipment over Five Years
  • Daily Stipend of ₹500 for Beneficiaries during Training

Assistance Kit and Official Recognition

Tool Kit Support:

  • Financial Assistance of ₹15,000 for Convenient Tools and Equipment

Official Validation:

  • Provision of PM Vishwakarma Certificate and Identity Card for Recognizing Participation and Contribution

Eligibility Criteria for PM Vishwakarma Scheme 2024


  • Employment in any of the 18 businesses as an Artisan or Craftsman
  • Inclusion of a Diverse Range of Crafts, including Locksmithing, Boat Making, and Pottery

Age Requirement:

  • Must be 18 years or older

Family Membership:

  • Only one member per family is eligible

Documents Required for Online Application

  • Aadhar Card
  • PAN Card
  • Bank Account Passbook
  • Educational Qualification Certificate
  • Active Mobile Number
  • Passport Size Photo

How to Apply Online for PM Vishwakarma Scheme 2024

  1. Visit the official website: https://pmvishwakarma.gov.in/
  2. Click on the registration link and proceed with providing your details.
  3. Fill out the application form with necessary information such as your name, skill set, Aadhar card number, etc.
  4. Complete the application, attach your documents, and submit.

Funding Allocation for PM Vishwakarma Scheme

  • Minimum Amount: ₹15,000
  • Maximum Amount: ₹1,00,000

Validity and Certification

  • Recognition and Certification for Skilled Employees are provided through this scheme.