At times, it’s too much of a lot
Those thoughts can only think for you, 
hearts are but a burden
weighing down this bulk of life. 
Pulse or fuss, 
smiles or blush?
The animal in us
roams cages, looking for escape 
only to find solace in solitude. 
And then, these memories, again.

I’ll be here among my weaknesses 
dancing these winds that sway. 
Everyone has their own 
so who am I to cling to ours, 
desperately had. 
My lapel creased from your grip, 
my footsteps screech, 
I am way past my borders. 
I’m coming with you 
but unwillingly, 
by heart and thought. 
And then, I still miss you….

In a whirlwind state 
I twirl within roses. 
A bed I made, slumbered on
periodically thorns prick, 
the red hue of blood spill illuminate 
these roses redder
perhaps white yet tainted. 

Love lacks peace in its scarlet demeanour 

the violence of emotions 
that seek dominance
And then, tears come to us.